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Official Press Release:

BFilm Micro is delighted to announce that the immensely talented musician and artist ‎Erica Nockalls is cast as the lead actor, Tyke, in our forthcoming ‘Proof of Concept’ teaser film for ‪Augmental, the feature film.

Augmental, which will be the first feature film in BFilm Micro’s exciting slate of 6-8 feature films to be shot in Birmingham over the next decade, is an action tech thriller.

BFilm Micro producer, Paul Green, talked of his excitement at the casting of Erica Nockalls in the lead role: “Erica oozes screen presence and is a fantastic addition to what is shaping up to be a really exciting shoot.”

The main character in the film, Tyke, is an androgynous punk goddess, the fastest cycle courier in the city, a hardcore loner who lives for the urban rush. Her world is blown apart when she receives a mysterious pair of glasses that reveal a hidden layer of information that covers the city and sets her on a life or death mission to uncover the secret of her identity.

Screenwriter Andy Conway says, “It was a real pleasure to read scenes from Augmental with Erica and see the words on the page come alive.”

This July, BFilm Micro will shoot a 3-minute ‘proof of concept’ teaser, starring Erica that will form part of a ‘package’ to attract investment in the full feature film, which will go into production in 2017.